Raw apatite silver ring – Artisan jewelry


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Artisan ring with apatite raw gemstone in sterling silver


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Raw apatite silver ring .
Handmade ring in sterling silver with raw uncut apatite stone .
The band of the ring have a cutout design with the apatite gemstone in the middle.
Beautiful ring for the summer.

  • Ring’s size            US 6.5
  • Stone                  8 x 6 mm
  • Height                8mm

Apatite enhances the wearers learning abilities, self-confidence and creativity. In addition to this, Apatite is an aid to achieving a deeper state of meditation and to increasing insight fullness. Apatite eases hypertension and decreases hunger, or “appetite”. In addition to this, Apatite is said to be a good gemstone for unblocking any of the chakras.