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Raw ruby pendant in sterling silver

 33.50 36.50

Raw ruby crystal in sterling silver pendant

Retro garnet earrings in sterling silver


(Ελληνικά) Οβάλ μακριά σκουλαρίκια χειροποίητα σε ασήμι 925 με μικρές γρανάδες

round amber earrings in sterling silver


Amber earrings in  sterling silver. Dangle discs

Silver bracelet for men large bangle


Geometric design sterling silver bracelet for men

Silver lace agate ring beige and brown


Large stone statement ring with lace agate in sterling silver

Silver peridot ring adjustable delicate band


Green gem ring with peridot in sterling silver

silver star stud earrings with pearl


(Ελληνικά) Μικρά ασημένια σκουλαρίκια αστέρι με μαργαριτάρι

Silver Turquoise ring sterling silver


turquoise ring in sterling silver 925

Small dangling earrings with pearl


(Ελληνικά) Ασήμι 925 σκουλαρίκια με λευκό μαργαριτάρι

small oval blue kyanite drop earrings


Small oval blue earrings in sterling silver

Small silver earrings garnet stone


Small silver earrings with  garnet stone, dangly short and engraved in  antique style

Spiral studs sterling silver earrings


Spiral studs in sterling silver, The Greek symbol of infinity

Stacking opal ring in sterling silver


Stacking stone ring in sterling silver with small natural opal gemstone

Star stud earrings in sterling silver


Small silver studs star with white pearl